Local NH Craft Beer Brands

New Hampshire boasts a vibrant craft beer scene with

numerous local breweries offering a diverse range of brews. Some notable craft beer brewers in New Hampshire include:

    • Smuttynose Brewing Company (Hampton): Established in 1994, Smuttynose is one of New Hampshire’s pioneering craft breweries, known for its innovative beers and commitment to quality.
    • Stoneface Brewing Co. (Newington): Stoneface is celebrated for its hop-forward beers, including popular IPAs, stouts, and pale ales. The brewery often experiments with different hop varieties to create unique flavor profiles.
      Lithermans Limited Brewery (Concord): Lithermans is known for its eclectic and experimental beer offerings. The brewery takes pride in pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing with inventive and bold creations.

  • Great North Aleworks (Manchester): Great North Aleworks focuses on producing high-quality, flavorful ales. Their diverse lineup includes a mix of classic styles and innovative brews.
  • Henniker Brewing Company (Henniker): This brewery embraces the local community spirit, crafting a variety of beers with a commitment to sustainability and supporting local ingredients.
  • Tuckerman Brewing Company (Conway): Situated in the White Mountains, Tuckerman Brewing is known for its refreshing and approachable beers. Their offerings often reflect the natural beauty of the region.
  • Woodstock Inn Brewery (North Woodstock): With a cozy brewpub setting, Woodstock Inn Brewery offers a range of craft beers alongside delicious pub fare. Their beers often reflect the seasonal changes of New England.
  • Kelsen Brewing Company (Derry): Kelsen Brewing focuses on Belgian-style ales and hop-forward beers. They take pride in their attention to detail and craftsmanship.
  • Earth Eagle Brewings (Portsmouth): Earth Eagle is known for its creative and herbal beer recipes, often incorporating unique ingredients like herbs, spices, and locally foraged plants.
  • 603 Brewery (Londonderry): 603 Brewery produces a variety of craft beers, ranging from traditional styles to innovative and experimental brews, all crafted with a New Hampshire spirit.