Cider Beers

Downeast Cider House (Massachusetts): Downeast is known for its unfiltered craft cider, offering a range of options, including their Original Blend and seasonal releases.

Bantam Cider (Massachusetts): Bantam Cider produces a diverse selection of ciders, often experimenting with different apple varieties and flavor infusions.

Citizen Cider (Vermont): Based in Vermont, Citizen Cider is known for its traditional and innovative cider creations, with options like Unified Press and the bolder Dirty Mayor.

Stormalong Cider (Massachusetts): Stormalong crafts a variety of ciders, including their flagship Legendary Dry and creative seasonal releases.

Shacksbury Cider (Vermont): Shacksbury focuses on traditional and wild-fermented ciders, featuring a range of dry and crisp options.

Far From The Tree Cider (Massachusetts): Far From The Tree is recognized for its diverse and creative cider lineup, often incorporating unique ingredients and flavors.

Eden Specialty Ciders (Vermont): Eden specializes in traditional and ice ciders, showcasing the rich flavors of heirloom apple varieties.

Artifact Cider Project (Massachusetts): Artifact Cider Project is known for its commitment to using local apples and crafting dry, flavorful ciders.

North Country Hard Cider (New Hampshire): North Country offers a variety of hard ciders, including traditional and fruit-infused options.

Prospect Ciderworks (Massachusetts): Prospect Ciderworks produces small-batch, handcrafted ciders with a focus on quality and flavor.